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Welcome To The Block Party Vinyl

Country artist Priscilla Block draws listeners in with her unfiltered, relatable songwriting and catchy melodies. “I love writing about real life experiences and the ups and downs that I’ve gone through,” says Priscilla. “I don’t sugarcoat anything, and I think that’s the beauty of songwriting and being an artist.” With an honest and upfront approach, Priscilla promotes self-love, empowerment, and acceptance through her own blend of country pop and southern rock, dubbed the Block Party sound. “It’s a little sass, a little trash, and a little sad,” describes Priscilla with a knowing wink as her catalog rolls so easily from heartbreak to laughter. Her current single- “Just About Over You” is currently #12 on the Country Radio Charts and climbing.

Track Listing:
1) Welcome To The Block Party
2) My Bar
3) Heels In Hand
4) Like A Boy
5) I Know A Girl (featuring Hillary Lindsey)
6) Ever Since You Left
7) Thick Thighs
8) I Bet You Wanna Know
9) I’ve Gotten Good
10) Wish You Were The Whiskey
11) Just About Over You
12) Peaked In High School